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    Saddle Traveling Type
    250WM1/WM2 / 1020WM1/WM2 / 63WM1/WM2 / 84WM1/WM2


    ● Three axes automatic grinder with small footprint.

    ● Castings are made of high quality ribbed cast iron.

    ● The elevation guide ways (Y axis) are hardened and ground.

    ● The spindle is supported by P4 preloaded super precision angular contact ball bearings to guarantee a maximum 2 micron run out.

    ● Hydraulic system with a specially designed valve enables smooth table reversing with a 30meter/min table speed.

    ● Separate hydraulic unit and cooling device prevent temperature rise of hydraulic oil and permits easy maintenance.

    ● Standard hydraulic over-head wheel dresser.

    ● Automatic lubricating system to ensure smooth and long lasting operation in all 3-axes.

    ● Mitsubishi PLC will provide years of reliable and trouble-free operation.

    ● Modern 6- inch color LCD touch screen panel, simply touch the screen to set the grinding variables.

    ● Down feed mechanism is driven by an AC servomotor with grade C5 precision ball-screw, with minimum 0.001mm increment capacity.

    ● Manual Pulse Generator (MPG) is also provided for user’s convenience.

    ● The crossfeed travel is set by the push-button on the console; different crossfeed increments can be set for both rough and finish grinding.

    ● The control system will store the last grinding cycle in memory. Simply press the cycle start button to repeat the previous operation.

    ● Control also available in two axes.

    ● Sizes available from ( 250~400 )mm by ( 500~800 )mm.



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